Tozzy Bridger

I am a printmaker, specializing in the intaglio methods of etching and drypoint, and the relief methods of linocuts and embossing. I graduated from the University of the West of England in 1993, and have been exhibiting ever since. I work with materials and ideas drawn directly from nature, having lived in the English countryside most of my life. Nature inspires me emotionally, and I try to create a small space on paper that can capture this emotion for the viewer. The feelings I wish to convey are ones of harmony and quietness whilst still retaining a passion. I am therefore constantly trying to simplify without depersonalizing, using colour and humour to this end. The humour lies in the scraggly forms of wildlife that animate my spaces and this keeps the work personal and intimate. Returning again and again to images of favourite British birds I am attracted to the shapes and forms of the different species as well as their characters. I am currently experimenting with work combining traditional printmaking methods with digital printmaking and I am interested in using old papers and book plates, incorporating them digitally or through embossed collage.

Stark Gallery | 68 Castle Street | Canterbury | Kent | CT1 2PY


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