Sara Newman

Sara has a background in Interior Design, and a foreground in Art & Design. What started as making inventive presents using recycled trinkets has evolved into creating artworks. ‘Several collections have evolved, particularly artworks and interior accessories. I like my designs to mix the material world and “immaterial” or imaginary world. Body art and graphic novels inspire me. Model villages fascinate me.’ Her playful, intricate box-frame collages feature miniature characters. ‘They are little people living on a big planet, much like us. I like to twist our sense of scale and juxtapose simple objects in order to deliver a message. The relative scale of the people makes their situation humorous and wistful.’ Sara is willing to make pieces to order as well as glass domes and butterfly domes. Please speak to a member of the gallery staff for details.

Stark Gallery | 68 Castle Street | Canterbury | Kent | CT1 2PY


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