Robert Frampton-Fell

Rob's work is inspired by an enormous number of artistic influences ranging from the first art book he bought about Francisco Goya at age 14, through to a recent visit to the Abstract Expressionists' Art Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Greatly interested in the works of the Modern Artists, he began painting initially in a fairly representational style which evolved very quickly to become looser and more abstract. However, soon losing interest in this style, he fixed the focus of his work firmly on what was, and has remained, his first passion, love and excitement in art - abstract expression. This passion - first ignited as a young observer, now blazes unrestrained as a painter. His belief is that abstract art and its resultant forms come from deep within the psyche, therefore challenging and expanding the intellect of the artist and the experiential response of the viewer. His work concentrates on an uninhibited abstraction of colour, texture and natural structure, created through perception, imagination, spontaneity, gestural mark making and an unreserved exploration of form.

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