Mike Morrison

I began photographing when I was 18. The day after watching a BBC2 programme about five famous photographers, I went out to buy a camera and then, within a week, an enlarger, and I have continued to photograph for over 40 years since then. Initially a black and white purist in the age of the darkroom, I began experimenting with colour by creating montages of coloured slides. Then, once I had embraced digital photography, I began to realise it was important to have certain rules about how one used the software. When I ‘photoshop’ it is with the express desire to create something drastically different to the original image taken, as most of the images in this exhibition demonstrate. However, when the photograph is a landscape/seascape, I do not enhance it, but remain true to the image as taken by the camera. My work is a radical exploration of what one can do when one starts with what is often a simple image but then uses the ‘magic’ of modern photographic software to create ‘patterns’. Sometimes these are inspired by, and echo, patterns to be found in nature. Sometimes they appear to be architectural in concept whilst, at other times, they are reflections of states of mind or emotion expressed as abstractions. The majority of the photographs in this exhibition are abstract images created by manipulating photographs.

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