Michele Chilton (unframed)

Form and character fascinate me the plainest object can inspire through shape, texture, light and shadow. Graduating with an MA in ceramics from the Royal College of Art, my early work focused on the study of everyday, functional items, trying to find their inner beauty through sculpture. After a move to Brighton in 2006, excited by the colour, shapes and textures of my coastal surroundings, I enjoyed the freedom of oil painting and linocut prints to explore the personality of the seafront. I use continuous line drawings to capture an abstracted view of a place along with memories and photographs. In my studio I use these images and drawings to build the composition of the painting. Using layers of oil paint, mono printing and sgraffito, I aim to create atmospheric, vibrant paintings. My linocut prints explore a more stylized portrayal of different subjects and perfectly compliment my paintings. My work aims to capture a moment in time or a scene that tells a story of everyday life.

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