Mark Ponsford

Mark Ponsford is a visual artist working with paint, drawing materials and film photography. Mark’s delicate line drawings are controlled studies in motion, mapping fields as if seen from above. His work of wistful imagery that is not only gentle but totally captivating. Mark walks the fields and coastline of West Dorset making sketches and taking notes. He then returns to his studio where he develops that imagery. The folding landscape around his West Dorset home provides the impulse for Mark’s paintings, mixing recollection, observation and invention, their surfaces rolled and incised, laid with bold tracts of colour and expressive, wandering lines. ‘Since I first read it more than 25 years ago, I have owned, lost, rediscovered, lent and given away several paperback editions of Sam Shepard’s “Motel Chronicles and Hawk Moon”, in the front of which is a fragment of a quotation by César Vallejo – “never did far away charge so close”. That’s as relevant a statement as I could imagine applied to the process of making art.’ Mark has exhibited in the UK, Holland, Ireland and Japan.

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