Jennie Eames

Since childhood I have always had a curiosity of old ephemera and memorabilia, often found rummaging through my grandmothers or mothers collection of old photographs, button tins and drawers containing keepsakes and mementoes. The interest still remains with me today and so my work in mixed media collage evolved.

To myself my work is more than a piece of art, it is a framed piece of history, a talking point and a precious memory of times gone by.

During the process of creating my work my mind is intrigued as to who the person is in the photograph, who wore the brooch or who sent the card with such lovely sentiments. I work exclusively with vintage items occasionally adding a modern piece if it enhances the composition. My aim is to create harmony and balance, with colour and charm, giving an aesthetic and unique quality to each individual piece.

Please contact the gallery if you are interested in commissioning a piece personal to you.

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