Don Cox

After showing a great interest and flourishing in artistic subjects at school I was thrilled to be accepted into the Sidcup School of art, to study fine art. This then led to a Sabbatical year at Christchurch College in Canterbury. As well as working for the Chelsea art club I also prepared artwork for the annual New Yearís celebrations at the Royal Albert hall, a task that I immensely enjoyed. I also spent time working for the Sadlerís Wells Opera house and here I was able to learn the finer points of scenic design together with some supernumerary stage work. A large part of my work experience has been teaching. I have worked at various schools over the years as an art teacher in both primary and senior stages of education. However this has not limited the variety of my work. As well as illustrating and painting murals for hospitals, factories, churches and civic functions I have always had an interest in theatre and have designed more sets and theatre programmes than I can remember. I have always enjoyed visiting London and its many galleries and have always held the city in my heart as a source of inspiration, with its diversity of interesting people, buildings and atmospheres, which can be found in many of my pieces. I also enjoy painting portraits of those I know and those I donít. Though challenging to represent someone entirely in a still image I cherish the paintings I have done of musicians on the street as much as I do the images of my three granddaughters. Every aspect of Art interests me and I am always ready to integrate new ideas and techniques into my work and hope to never stop learning.

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