Colin Merrin

Colin has painted the South Downs landscape for the past three years. His interest is fundamentally concerned with the act of painting and the painting process, therefore there's less emphasis on a place's specific detail and more on the abstract qualities of the painting. This naturally brings about an emotional approach, but one that's never far from the source material. He's drawn to vistas and panoramic views, and even in a work of modest scale he wishes to convey a feeling of being in a massive space, as if walking into a painting. For Colin the landscape is a vehicle for representing painting as much as the other way round. He collects images when walking, producing rapidly-made drawings and watercolours before developing the paintings in the studio. The subjectivity is a result of combining a sense, rather than a recording of being in an actual place and the physicality of painting. Even when walking in the landscape, as enjoyable as that is, unless he's drawing or painting he feels as if something is missing.

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