Claire Gill

Claire Gill is an artist specializing in digital photomontage, which she exhibits in the form of limited edition fine art prints. She employs the technique of photo-montage to explore a sense of the places and spaces that surround us, combining and juxtaposing original photographic imagery to create an entirely new scene. If a photograph is a memory then she re-assembles memories of places in order to create a more intense sense of the place than is perhaps possible to achieve in a single photograph. Much of her work is inspired by the British coastline and she is fascinated by all the places where the land meets the sea. She uses as her inspiration seaside towns, working ports, the ephemera left lying around by fishermen, weathered objects abandoned along the beaches as well as the varying geology and constantly changing light seen along the coastline. The ambiguous use of space within her images also adds depth to the pictures, which at first glance seem straight forward but on closer inspection are surreal. Her love of colour, surface and structure inherited from a background in textile design combine to create poetic images which hopefully tap into a sense of the coast that is familiar to all of us.

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